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Campus 1 MTL On-Campus
Rent $995 $1,080
Meals $710
All You Care To Eat
Declining Balance
Heat/Electricity Water Included Included
Internet Included Included
Gym Membership Included $11
Initial Furniture Cost $0 $0
Total Cost Per Month $1,705* $1,775

*Rent is based on our 1 bed-1 bath shared standard. Information accurate as of 7.3.19. Rates/Installments are subject to change. Rates/Installments do not represent a monthly rental amount (and are not prorated), but rather the total base rent due for the lease term divided by the number of installments. Taxes are included in Campus1 MTL meal plan, as shown. GST & QST apply. See office for details.

Any Lease Start Deferral granted by the Lessor will defer the start of Lessee’s lease until the first (1st) day of the month in which any of the courses in which the Lessee is enrolled at an Applicable Institution is not exclusively offered online. For clarity, no Lease Start Deferral will be granted or continued for a Lessee enrolled in any course or courses at an Applicable Institution which are offered in any way on campus and not exclusively online.

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